ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT: Moogfest 2014 is Less Than A Month Away

By D. Lanier Shook                                     March 24, 2014

Each industry has its own pioneer and electronic music is no exception. Bob Moog was the creative genius behind many of the synthesizers and instruments that the industry uses today. (According to the film Moog he preferred you pronounce M-o-o-g like “vogue,” not like moo-g. Its a German name.) Each year his achievements, genius, and legacy are celebrated in his adopted hometown at Moogfest.

This year’s Moogfest combines discussion of electronic music with the performances of said electronic music. (Click here to visit their incredibly well done, radical website. Even if you don’t plan to attend the festival you still gotta check  out the website. ) It takes place at multiple locations around Asheville including:

  • US Cellular Center Basement
  • The Orange Peel
  • Diana Wortham Theatre
  • Fine Arts Theater
  • Asheville Music Hall
  • Asheville Art Museum

The year features concerts by over a hundred different groups. For an entire list of performers click here. Here are just a few

  • Adults
  • Audion
  • Awesome Tapes From Africa
  • Blondes
  • Bombassic
  • Brett Rock
  • DLX
  • Daedelus
  • Earthtone Soundsystem
  • Erika
  • Factory Floor
  • Green Velvet
  • Hieroglyphic Being
  • Holly Herndon
  • Kaytranda
  • Lapalux
  • LE1f
  • Machinedrum
  • Megafortress
  • Nick Monaco
  • North Americans
  • Publicist
  • Riff Raff
  • Sasha
  • Shigeto
  • The Crystal Ark
  • Tifa
  • Treasure Fingers
  • Wolf Eyes

Those concerts will be going on at night. During the day Asheville will be filled with interesting conversations about electronic music. Well over fifty different experts will present informative workshops about the field and you can click here for a full list. Here are just a few of those that will be present.

  • Aaron Koblin
  • Bradford Cox
  • Claire Evans
  • Dave Tompkins
  • Forrest M. Mims III
  • Giorgio Moroder
  • Gretta Cohn
  • Herbert Deutsch
  • Janelle Monae
  • Julia Kaganskiy
  • Karla Zimonia
  • Leon Hong
  • Matthew Lee Johnston
  • Nick Zinner
  • Roger Linn
  • Stewart Burns
  • Tom Zimmermann

These folks will be speaking on a wide range of interesting topics that relate to the electronic music that you’ll experience in all kinds of media including film, ads, television, the web, and video games just to name a few. Here’s a few topics they’ll cover but for an entire list click here.

  • The Future of Creativity
  • Alternate Interfaces
  • Google and the Future of Audio
  • The Music of Cliff Martinez
  • Innovators in Electronic Music
  • The Math and Science of The Simpsons and Futurama
  • Sonification and Cybernetics
  • Sounds of Space

These are just a little bit of what you’ll see and hear at Moogfest 2014. You may want to click here and learn about the fourteen record labels that will be sharing their products. There’s a film festival you can find out about by clicking here. Even if you can’t attend this year, you’ll still want to click here and visit the Moogfest 2014 website just to check out its amazing design. Of course, if you do plan to attend you’ll need to visit there to get ticket information.

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