ROADTRIP: Charleston’s Fort Moultrie is Where You’ll Learn About Coastal Defense

By D. Lanier Shook                                                  January 14, 2014

A month ago we told you about the great Charleston area attraction that is Fort Moultrie — you can read the article by clicking here. We mentioned it was preserved by the National Park Service as a monument to coastal defense. That particular aspect of the Fort deserves more attention.

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The Visitor’s Center is the place to start learning about American Coastal Defense. This is where you can enjoy their museum and watch a very informative film.

The National Park Service has worked hard to make certain that Fort Moultrie provides visitors of all ages with a hands on, multimedia education about coastal defense. From the Visitor’s Center to the Fort itself, you’ll leave with an understanding of what has kept our shores safe for two centuries. Even if you don’t tour the Fort, make sure to watch the great film in the Visitor’s Center.

charleston 212The Fort’s batteries feature plaques discussing which era of Coastal Defense they belong to and how they helped defend the United States. These are designed for every age and even small children will enjoy them. If you’re a history buff you’re going to have a ball!

charleston 213Fort Moultrie will take you on a tour of American Coastal Defense from the early days of the Republic through the Civil War and right up to the Second World War. Each batter displays a different era of guns and defense technology. You’ll learn just what it felt like to be on the receiving end of the “rocket’s red glare.”

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One of the most impressive installations at Fort Moultrie is the underground command bunker from the Second World War. This is where Charleston Harbor’s defense was organized and it feels just like its 1941. There’s even a air lock in case the Fort was attacked with poison gas.

charleston 168If you’re a history buff you’ll enjoy the recreations of the Charleston Harbor Command Rooms. The maps, the radios, and the furniture are perfectly set up. Make sure your camera is fully charged and you have plenty of room on your storage card.

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