ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT: Ice On Main In Greenville is Almost Gone

By D. Lanier Shook                                                January 3, 2014

Last night I was chatting with a colleague of mine and mentioned today’s article about Ice On Main. It turned out he’d taken his daughter there for her birthday party and she’d had a ball. It was good he went when he did, since Ice on Main is almost gone.

Despite the cold temperatures, Greenville will be closing its public ice skating rink on January 20. If you enjoy ice skating or know someone who enjoys ice skating then you need to click here to visit the Ice On Main website. Greenville’s only an hour away and the admission price includes skate rental.

Ice On Main is an incredible example of community involvement where eighteen organizations come together to help the community enjoy ice skating. You can check out Ice On Main’s Facebook page by clicking here. You can extend you holiday spirit by clicking here to watch the MY 102.5 Ice On Main live we

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bcam. Either way, check out this awesome winter experience before it melts.



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