ROADTRIP: Realty Express Mural on Weaverville’s Main Street

By D. Lanier Shook                                           December 30, 2013
Located about fifteen minutes north of Asheville, Weaverville is a town that seems to be maintaining its home town appeal while  encouraging commercial growth. Real estate development has boomed along the I-26 corridor bringing new housing and national retail chains. But Main Street still has that home town,high quality life feel that we all prize so much. The mural I’m featuring today is a great example of the town’s booming art scene.


This mural is located at 29 North Main Street on the north side of the building shared by Express Real Estate and the Central Barber and Styling Shop. Its a great example of Weaverville’s vibrant art scene. (For even more about the art scene in northern Buncombe County click here to find out about the annual Art Safari.) It was created by Payton James, who also painted the mural across from the Methodist Church on North Main Street. To find out more about this talented muralist click here to visit his Facebook page.

Roadtrips take time and money, so we like to  take ones that make the most of both. Weaverville is close to Asheville, so just hop on I-26 and you’ll be there in no time flat. Park for free next to the clock and stroll up Main Street toward the Library. Admire our featured mural, then enjoy lunch at one of the great restaurants within a block or two. You can get great italian at the Glass Onion, an incredible cake at the Well-Bred bakery, or great pizza at Blue Mountain Pizza. After lunch you can browse Curtis Wright Outfitters, Miya Gallery, or Mangum Pottery Studio and Gallery. Or you can spend an hour or two in the Weaverville Library. Finally you can get all your shopping done on Weaver Boulevard and head for home after a great afternoon.
(Of course, you could always grab dinner at one of the great restaurants.)

Downtown is only part of what Weaverville has to offer. Check out these links and find out more about this all-American city with the small town feel just a hop, skip, and a jump from Asheville.

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