ROADTRIP: The Cold War Memorial at Patriots Point is A Must See

By D. Lanier Shook                                                                   November 20, 2013

Have you been to Patriot’s Point in Charleston? There’s so much to see and do in the city, but this is one place you have to visit. Between the planes, the ships, the exhibits, and the gift shops I could spend an entire day there.


According to Patriot’s Point this is the sail of the USS Louis and Clark (SSBN 644), a Benjamin Franklin Class Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarine.

One corner of Patriot’s Point that you may not have noticed at first is the Cold War Memorial. Its design, size, and sheer emotion will move you beyond words.


If you’re interested in history, if you or your family were in the Navy, or if you’re just interested in honor the memory of submariners before, during and after the Cold War this is something you have to see. The monument is a Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarine rising from under the ground beside the highway. It is breathtaking.


The monument’s design placed the sail and rudder of the USS Louis and Clark where they would be on the submarine. This gives a unique perspective of the sheer size of the boat. You have got to see this.


This is the boat’s tailfin with the sail and conning tower visible in the distance.

Around the site is a walking trail with educational stations to pay homage to the sacrifice and risk these men took. A Navy man told me that if you tie a string taught across the inside of a sub when its on the surface and then dive, it will have quit a bit of slack in it. These men took the ultimate risk and far too many paid the ultimate price. During the tense years between World War Two and 1989 they a key element in the nuclear triad (submarines, bombers, and land based missiles) that prevented the world from descending into Nuclear Chaos.


For more information about the Memorial and Patriot’s Point, just click here to visit its home page. The Memorial is located across Patriot’s Point Road from Patriot’s Point. If you’re in Charleston you have to visit this.

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3 responses to “ROADTRIP: The Cold War Memorial at Patriots Point is A Must See

    • It’s an amazing memorial. I didn’t have time to check out Patriot’s Point but I’m looking forward to exploring it. If you’re interested in Coastal Defense you’ll want to visit Fort Moultrie, too.

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