LIFESTYLES: A Spectacular Opening to Your Holidays is Free and Very Near You

By D. Lanier Shook                                                                  November 12, 2013

Its fair to say that Christmas lights is one part of the holiday season we all adore. Despite their energy consumption and the fact they’re a pain in the neck to put up, most of us love Christmas lights. Well, on November 22 you can see 65,000 lights  come to life for free and just down the road.

You need to know about the Biltmore Park Town Square Annual Holiday Lighting Ceremony that’s coming up not this Friday, but the next Friday. So click here to visit the event’s homepage and plan for it right now. This is an two and a half hour event that will help make your holidays easier.

This event will save you time since its right down the road (from the area around Asheville). It will put you close to all sorts of stores you’re going to be visiting anyway. It will be over by 8:30, so you can catch a movie at Biltmore Grande or a dinner at one of Biltmore Park’s great restaurants. Couples, this would make an awesome date night. Parents, this is a great way to create incredible family memories.

You should arrive early for good parking and a good spot to watch the show. Remember to check the forecast so you can dress appropriately. Also take a snack, since it is two and a half hours long. And don’t forget to sign up for email updates from Biltmore Park Town Square while you’re on their website. They and their merchants have events and promotions that you’ll want to hear about all year long.

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