ROADTRIP: Tallulah Gorge is Right Down the Road

By D. Lanier Shook                                                 November 7, 2013

Two hours southwest of Asheville on Highway 23 is an amazing natural phenomena that you need to see. The Tallulah Gorge is convenient, breathtaking, and definitely worth the trip. This is a photo op you have to take advantage of.


This is the Tallulah Gorge, an amazing feat of nature accomplished by the Tallulah River. It’s 1000 feet deep and several miles long. You gotta see it.

The gorge is now home to a lake and hydroelectric plant owned by Georgia Power which has worked with the state of Georgia to create a beautiful recreational area there. While that’s one reason to visit Tallulah Falls, the Gorge is the real reason. Did I mention this was only two hours away?

Tallulah 5

This is a closer view of the falls at the bottom of the gorge.

But Tallulah Gorge is more than just a natural wonder, its a great destination for a daytrip. Just take Highway 23 west from Asheville through Waynesville and Sylva to Franklin, then south toward Atlanta. You’ll pass through the town of Tallulah Falls, which you have to visit to have a full Tallulah Falls experience. You’ll want to click here and find out what’s there, but check out this quick list:

  • Free Bluegrass concerts
  • A chainsaw art studio
  • Several galleries featuring fine arts and mountain craft
  • Fine dining
  • Outdoor Passion drama with over 200 actors
Tallulah Falls 3

This is the historic Tallulah Point Overlook where you have to stop. No, I mean it. You have to.

The Tallulah Point Overlook is a hundred and one year old tradition. This is the place to get your photo op, your souvenirs, and your lunch. The store owners will let you look out over the Gorge for free, but you’ll want to browse their selection of vintage and regional merchandise. Make sure to click here for directions and more information about what the Overlook has to offer.


Just another idea of what the Overlook has to offer.

If you want even more information about the Gorge or the town of Tallulah Falls, check out these links.

One amazing fact about the Gorge is that the famous Kurt Wallenda crossed it in 1970. The Overlook has several plaques to commemorate the event. They also have this.


Yes, that’s me. Thanks to our intern for taking the photo.


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