FESTIVALS: Make Anyday Halloween With Ghost Tours

By D. Lanier Shook                                                                      October 13, 2013

Do you believe in ghosts? I’d say most people believe in something.  But whether you believe that ghosts are spirits from beyond, electromagnetic echoes left over from the past, or intense emotion that was left somewhere, you’ve clicked on this post because you are interested in them. That’s why you should check out one of the links below.

Whatever they are, ghosts exist and they alternately frighten and fascinate us. Fortunately there are folks out there who seek out these spectres and then show us where they are. Asheville’s most famous ghost hunter may be Joshua P. Warren. You’ll want to click here to visit his website and learn more about his work with ghosts, UFOs, and the Brown Mountain Lights. Joshua and other experts have done the hardwork and now all we have to do is the legwork. So check out the links below fro a ghost tour somewhere near you.

DISCLAIMER: I haven’t been on any of these. They look like fun, but doing your research is always a good idea.

Joshua P. Warren’s Haunted Asheville

Ghost Hunters of Asheville

Greenville, South Carolina Ghost Tours

Charlotte Ghost Tours

Johnson City, Tennessee Ghost Tours

Knoxville, Tennessee Ghost Tours

Columbia, South Carolina Ghost Tours

Atlanta Ghost Tours

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