ROADTRIP: You Have To Visit This American Mystery

By D. Lanier Shook                                                       October 29, 2013

There is a place within two hours of Asheville that you need to visit. No one knows who paid to build it, no one knows who designed it, and I wouldn’t recommend going alone. I’m talking about the Georgia Guidestones, located just north of Elberton, Georgia.


About thirty years ago someone — who called themselves R.C. Christian — made arrangements to put up this monument. They provided the funding, the design, and the message to put on it. They provided everything except their identity.

Guidestone2In September I finally took the time to drive to Elberton and see the Guidestones. They are impressive and mysterious. Located in a relatively unmarked rural location (I missed the turn and had to go back) they are extremely isolated. I didn’t go alone and I wouldn’t recommend you go alone, either. The Guidestones aren’t dangerous, but it is an isolated spot and taking a friend along is a good idea. For a walk-around video of the stones you’ll want to click here and check out the one on our YouTube channel.


The Georgia Guidestones are a mystery. Why were they built? What does the message mean? The Guidestones have ten guidelines for life on our planet which are written in eight modern languages and four ancient scripts, including Sanskrit and Egytian hieroglyphics. The slot in the middle of the Guidestones allows you to view the North Star at all times of the year.


That’s me, contemplating mysteries like who built the Georgia Guidestones and whether there was enough light for the photo to be any good.

If you’re interested in the Georgia Guidestones you should go see them. North Georgia is a great place for a roadtrip and the towns along the route are great places to stop. Here’s a few links where you can find out about the Georgia Guidestones, the mystery (and controversy) around them, and the area of the country they’re located in.

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