LIFESTYLE: EZ Costumes Your Kids Will Want to Wear

By D. Lanier Shook                                    October 23, 2013

Raise your hand if you think Halloween is awesome! Raise both hands if you think Halloween is awesome because perfectly respectable, sane people can dress up in whatever wacky, imaginative costume they want to! I’ve got both hands in the air.

I’m not a big fan of Halloween candy or scary stuff, but I’ll usually try to dress up as something just because this is the one day of the year I can. (We should actually do that more often.) Coming up with the perfect costume is hard since the best ones are creative but don’t look tooo homemade. So this year I’m going to share a few of my ideas with you.

  • Tony Stark. You can get an Iron Man costume at any store, but how about a Tony Stark costume. I took a round LED self adhesive light from the Dollar Tree, then cut out a little piece of cardboard and cut holes in it. I taped the cardboard to the light, taped it underneath my shirt and switched on the light. Presto! I’ve got an arc reactor under my shirt. Click here for a photo (from Internet Movie Database) that shows Tony Stark’s reactor under his t-shirt. Click here for the photo of the LED light from the Dollar Tree’s website.
  • Arthur Dent.  The HItchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is one of the most beloved and iconic pieces of science fiction ever. It’s prediction of the smartphone and tablet computers have cemented its position in popular culture. Arthur Dent is one of the central characters in the story and his costume was easy to make. I got a t-shirt that looked like something someone would wear to bed (mine had superheroes on it), a pair of sleep pants, and a towel. In my case they all fit over my work clothes.
  • CIA Station Chief. This is a costume I’ve worn twice with significant variations. I printed up a ID tag (it didn’t look toooo real), then grabbed a manila envelope, and printed out a few sheets from a one time pad put in it. (Click here to find out about the one time pad. It adds a realistic touch and for random numbers I used the number pi.) The second time I used the costume I didn’t have to go to work so I work a white shirt and tie. Then I got a briefcase and cuffed it to my wrist with a pair of toy handcuffs. What goes in the briefcase doesn’t matter, but the white shirt, tie, name tag, briefcase, and toy handcuffs will make this an outfit kids will love. If they’re a little hesitant you can remind them that real intelligence officers do handcuff briefcases to their wrists and do use one time pads.
  • Green Lantern. This year I’m dressing as the Green Lantern. All it takes is a Ring. I’m going to find a Green Lantern ring and wear it with my street clothes. After all, Hal Jordan is in street clothes with the Ring alot.
  • Star Trek Hologram. If you’re a Star Trek fan you’ll love this one. (If you’re not you may not have a clue what I;m talking about.) Fans of Star Trek:Voyager are familiar with The Doctor’s Mobile Holo-Emitter. (Click here for a photo of it from Memory Alpha.) If you want to be really fancy then print out a photo of it and wrap it around a piece of cardboard. If you’re in a hurry you can doodle one on a piece of cardboard. Then just tape a safety pin to the back and put it on your arm.
  • Doctor. Get a pair of scrubs, print out a great looking nametag, throw on rubber gloves, and presto, automatic doctor.

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