ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT: Lance Turner at the Hickory Museum of Art

By D. Lanier Shook                                                        October 19, 2013

The Hickory Museum of Art is a great place to go on a holiday, a weekend, or anytmie you have a few hours free. (Click here to read the reasons why you should visit the Museum.) Of course, you will need several hours free since the time will fly as you browse the galleries. The Nancy Pope Shuford Gallery is on the first floor and that’s where you can find the work of Lance Turner until the end of next month.

Lance Turner is a widely acclaimed visual artist whose work has been exhibited in Los Angeles, Memphis, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Farmington, and — most importantly — Hickory, North Carolina. Mr. Turner — an alumnus of the prestigious Savannah College of Art and Design — also has work featured in this year’s issues of BlueCanvas and ArtBuzz. His self stated goal is to explore and reveal the process of making art, especially as it relates to self-reference.

His work displayed at the Shuford Gallery demonstrates he has not only succeeded in this goal, but also in mastering many mediums. Most of the pieces I’ll be discussing are acrylics, but the other works in the Gallery demonstrated an equal mastery. It was also impressive to see that some of his work on display was borrowed from private collections and therefore not for sale. You’ll understand why he’s collectible once you see how he has used texture, pattern, and color to evoke raw emotion and reaction.

20 Eyes is uniquely eye catching work that draws on primitive themes. (Get it, eye catching? Never mind.) Composed of 20 six inch by six inch panels, its a great example of Lance Turner striking style and eye for detail.

He is a master of form and texture, as demonstrated in Courtney. This large oil on canvas uses oils to create a three dimensional experience. Although acrylics have replaced oils in many cases, Mr. Turner shows why oil paints will never really go away.

His Frankenstein trio of canvases are an incredibly engaging work in both size and pattern. Each of them are big and that size itself make the presentation thought provoking. But its the pixilated effect that makes them futuristic and edgily innovative.

While the Frankenstein trio pushes the envelope, his Acidic Cube Patterns takes an old envelope and redefines it. Mr. Turner has taken the Escher like patterns and used colors to take the concept even further. The result is a true three dimensional experience that M.C. Escher would probably approve of.

Lance Turner enjoys pushing the concept of patterns to their limit and beyond. His work includes themes that are simultaneously avant-garde and timelessly age old. I’ve purposefully chosen not to describe several other impressive pieces on display because you need to experience this work for yourself. Lance Turner’s work will be on display at the Hickory Museum of Art through November 30 and you can find out all the other details — directions and hours of operation — by clicking here to visit their website. You should also click here to visit Mr. Turner’s website where you can see examples of his work, read more about this amazing artist, and find out where his work will be displayed next.

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