LIFESTYLES: I Had A Great Time On Seventh Avenue and You Can Too — Well, Sort Of

By D. Lanier Shook                                                     October 16, 2013


This past Saturday I was privileged to attend the Seventh Avenue Bazaar in Hendersonville. Even though I only got to spend two hours there it was still a great experience. Over fifty vendors and artisans were there to make sure we had plenty of merchandise, food, and fun.

This article isn’t just an my tribute to the Seventh Avenue merchants and others who organized this great event. (Well, part of it is.) You see, every week there are communities large and small across the area, the state, and even the nation that organize similar events. I’m writing this article to encourage you to get out and attend these events. So here are Four Reasons you should attend your local Street Fair, Street Market or Street Dance.

1. Its Right Down the Road

One thing we always emphasize on this blog is the importance of how close something is. If you have to travel farther then you won’t go as much or you won’t go at all. Gas prices and time limit us all. It took me less than half an hour to get to Hendersonville. Not only was that more time to spend at the Bazaar, but it was less time to get back.

Your community is literally right down the road. Sure, you could spend hours of travel time and lots of money to get somewhere. But why not just drive down the road and enjoy what your neighbors have to offer. And I promise they’ll be glad to see you.


This is Newberry Medal nominee Andrew F. Rickis, who popped up from the Upstate to tell us about a few of his books.

Click here to visit Mr. Rickis’ website and learn about his books.

2. Get a Great Bargain

With over fifty merchants, vendors, and artisans at the Bazaar, it was easy to find awesome Christmas presents at a very affordable price. You would be surprised at the quality, variety, and value these merchants provide. Not only are they glad to see you, but your money stays at home. And most of the time you’ll be giving your friends and loved ones a one of a kind gift. There’s not room to list all the merchants and artisans that were there, but I’ll tell you about some of them and then show you just a few more.

  • Feed the Kids Coalition
  • Apple Country Woodcrafters
  • Vermontage — they also have a store in downtown Hendersonville
  • Lisa Stone Photography
  • Chuck Hill Photography
  • Chisholm Potters
  • Pyrwood Dairy

These are handmade candles and soaps by Mountain Scentaments.

Find out more about these soaps and candles by clicking here to visit their website.


These incredible ceramics were created by Kara Stamm. They’re amazing boxes with gorgeous detail inside and out.


These sweetgrass baskets were the creations of Annabelle Vanderhorst from Annabelle’s Sweet Grass Baskets. Ranging from a few inches to over a foot around their texture and design make them a great addition to any decor.

For more information about sweetgrass baskets click here to visit the Sweetgrass Festival website.

3. Hear Great Music

Over the past two years the blog has shared the multitude of musical talent we have in our area. These local events is the place to hear it. On Saturday I was privileged to hear two artists, Hendersonville’s Emily Bodley (click here to read our review of one of her earlier performances)  and the rock group Posh Hammer.

Emily Bodley has an incredibly honest stage presence that complements the honest, from the heart songs that she writes. I was able to catch her playing about 8 songs. You believe her when she says “I play music because I really love it and it gives me happiness.” You’ll want to click here and listen to her on YouTube, although the tunes will be stuck in your head for the next two days. You’ve been warned.

The second group I heard was Posh Hammer, a trio of three homeschooled siblings that are inspired by old time rock and roll. I caught five of their tunes, including a David Bowie cover. They seem to write most of their own music and they do a great job. If you like the guitar heavy, drum pounding rock roll that has influenced nearly every aspect of American culture then you need to click here and visit their website.

4. Enjoy Incredible Food

How long has it been since you had street food? Its almost as good as fair food. (Or is fair food almost as good as street food.) Actually there are lots of similarities and I believe I saw a funnel cake or two on Saturday.


This is a classic food truck set up in front of The Mad Signtist on the corner of 7th Avenue and Maple Street, right across from the Depot.


These are just a few reasons to get out and enjoy the events your community has. Remember, your neighbors need to know you to be neighborly. So get out there and you’ll have an even better time than I had.

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