ROADTRIP: Three Reasons Folly Beach is a Great Place to Relax

By D. Lanier Shook                               October 15, 2013

How long has it been since you stretched out on the beach, pushed your toes into the sand, and just enjoyed the sunshine? If its been too long then you need to head for the beach soon. Here are Three Reasons you should check out Folly Beach, South Carolina.


This is the fishing pier on Folly Beach.


1. Its Not Too Far From Asheville

Folly Beach is about four hours from Asheville. Even though I once drove there and back in the same day, there’s no reason for you to. Between the houses you can rent on Folly Beach, the hotel rooms you can rent on Folly Beach, and the lodging choices all around Charleston you can enjoy a weekend, a week, or longer in the area. Check out these links to find out more.


This is the Cold War Submarine Memorial across the street from Patriot’s Point. It looks like a submarine is surfacing in the park. A must see if you’re in Charleston.


2. Its Next Door to Charleston

That sentence should be enough but I’ll elaborate on it anyway. Charleston, South Carolina is an amazing city with a level of culture and history that is only four hours away. To find anything close to this level you’ll have to travel 6 hours to Williamsburg or 9 hours to New Orleans. These are cities where history was made, where the Founding Fathers plotted the American Revolution, and where the culture dates back hundreds of years. Check out these links to learn more about the reasons to visit Charleston.

Patriot’s Point Maritime Museum

Charleston Convention and Visitor’s Bureau

Gibbes Museum of Art

North Charleston —home to a huge outlet mall, among other things


This is the awesome outlet center in North Charleston.


3.  You Don’t Have to Spend a Mint to Go

This blog is all about Traveling Cheaper, Traveling Better, and Traveling More. Right now alot of us are feeling an economic pinch, so a trip to Charleston just might seem out of our reach. Fortunately it isn’t and here are a few reasons why:

  • Adjust your expectations. If you can afford to take harbor tours or visit lots of museums, that’s awesome. But remember, spending time together is more important than spending loads of cash.
  • Go window shopping. Charleston is more than a place, its an experience. Strolling around downtown is a great way to make memories and experience the rich culture.
  • Not everything in Charleston is expensive. The city is full of incredible boutiques and restaurants you should visit, but it also has WalMarts, Dollar Trees, McDonald’s, Ryan’s, and other stores you shop at every day of the year.
  • Pack your lunch. Bring a cooler full of your favorite goodies. (Just remember if you take them on the beach clean up after yourself.)
  • Enjoy the beach. Folly Beach is accessible to the public for free. There is free parking along the road if you get there early enough, although pay parking lots are quite affordable.

Does anybody know what this is? We saw it on Folly Beach.


4. Check Out Our Videos From Folly Beach

We’ve posted a few videos from our trips to Folly Beach and Charleston on our YouTube Channel. So click the links below and enjoy the surf.

Folly Beach Pier

Pelicans Flying Over Folly Beach

Ocean Waves at Folly Beach

Charleston Harbor From Fort Moultrie

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