LIFESTYLE: Four Reasons McDonald’s Is a Great Place to Grab a Meal and a Conversation

By D. Lanier Shook                                                        October 9, 2013

Have you have your McDonald’s yet this week? The Golden Arches have always been a great place to grab a great meal, but now its a comfortably stylish place to grab a good meal. I’m going to give you Four Reasons why, but first I need to explain why I’m doing this article.

McDonald’s is not only an American icon, but its also a great value. Virtually anyone can afford to eat at the Golden Arches and that’s important. To me the chain is bringing an awesome dining environment to middle and lower class diners.

Middle and lower class diners may not drop alot of cash at each meal, but they are a huge market segment. I appreciate it when a company treats them good and I believe that behavior should be rewarded. Unfortunately I don’t own stock in McDonald’s so this article is just an expression of my appreciation to the company. So, without further adieu, here are my Four Reasons.

1. The Redesign of their Restaurants

You’ve probably noticed that McDonald’s upgraded their restaurants. They’ve always been nice, but now they’ve been outfitted with fireplaces, flat panel televisions, and new furniture. This is a great environment for an enjoyable conversation with friends and family, no matter what economic class you belong to.

2. The Redesign of their Menus

McDonald’s has upgraded their menus, starting with their McCafe shakes and coffee offerings. They’ve continued to up their game with McWraps and various pies like pumpkin and praline. Recently their Mighty Wings and Egg White Delight Muffins continue this trend. I’m also a big fan of the way they list the nutritional information on the back of their placemats.

3. The Store’s Advertising Decorations and Themes

The McDonald’s around Asheville have gone the extra step to decorate their stores as the seasons go by — or if they’re promoting a particular product. The Enka-Candler restaurant created a great display promoting their strawberry-lemonade drink with crates and artificial fruit. (Strawberries and lemons, of course.) When the chain ran their recent Monopoly sweepstakes other stores — especially the one at Biltmore Square Mall — posted all sorts of Monopoly memorabilia. There were several different kinds of games boxes and lots of Monopoly money put up.


The store on Patton Avenue brought Ronald McDonald to Asheville.

4. The Chain’s Emphasis on Location and Value

Wherever you go you can probably find a McDonald’s. Whatever your income you can eat there. This article is a big “way to go” for the chain. You’ve helped lead the way, since I’ve noticed other chains following your lead. On behalf of lower and middle class Americans everywhere, thank you.

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