ROADTRIP: Hickory Aviation Museum

By D. Lanier Shook                                          October 7, 2013

Hickory, North Carolina is a great place to visit. We’ve shared about the Art Museum, the Hickory  Furniture Mart, and the Union Square. Another great place you need to know about is the Hickory Aviation Museum. There are several great aviation museums in our area, but here are three things about the one in Hickory that make it unique.

me&Tom - Copy

This F-14 Tomcat is one of the awesome aircraft they have at the Museum and the only one I’m going to show you. You’ll have to go to the Museum to see the others.

1. Its only an hour away

The best thing about Hickory is the fact we can be there is right at an hour. The roads are incredible and there are several great towns and cities along the way. Old Fort, Marion, Morganton, Glen Alpine, and Valdese each offer reasons to stop there.We’ve featured them in several articles and here are a few links to them:
Old Fort
Glen Alpine
Downtown Morganton
Kala Gallery in Morganton
Morganton Courthouse

2. The Museum is free

Free is good. Free means you’ll be able to enjoy the rest of your trip even more. Free means you can spend more in the gift shop. Free is good.

Of course very few things in life are truly free. (One that I know of, maybe two.) The Hickory aviation Museum is open from x- x on the weekend, but closed during the week. But that’s okay because of the last reason you need to visit this museum.

3. Their Collection Impressively Spans the Cold War

From the FJ-1 Fury and T-33 to the F-14 and T-34 Mentor, this Museum’s collection of Cold Warriors will be exciting and educational for all visitors. The museum inside is packed to the walls with memoriabilila from the birth of aviation to the present day. Flight suits, aircraft cartridges, bombsights, model planes (lots of model planes), and artifacts line the walls. The photographs tell the stories of the young men who left for places far from Burke County and a few who never returned.

These are only three reasons you’ll want to visit the Hickory Aviation Museum. There are many others. Its a great place to get family photos, a great place to pick up Christmas presents, and a great place to learn the value of the freedom we all can enjoy.

You’ll want to click here to visit the Museum’s website. That’s where you can find information about the aircraft, the Museum, and the latest news on their new exhibits. This museum is an amazing treasure that’s worth the trip to see.

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