ROADTRIP MONDAY: Hickory Museum of Art is a Destination You’ll Enjoy

By D. Lanier Shook                                     September 23, 2013


This is Artie, the mascot for the Hickory Museum of Art.

Have you been to an art museum lately? Even if you’re not a fan of art, its a great place to get to know your friends. Just asking “Which piece do you remember the most” will tell you alot about them.

Recently I had this experience when I introduced several friends to the Hickory Museum of Art. Located in the city’s SALT Block the Museum houses 3 floors of paintings, sculpture, pottery, and folk art.  (SALT is an acronym for Science, Arts, and Literature Together. Click here to learn more.) Its also got a great gift shop with a wide variety of books, jewelry, ceramics, cards, and even soaps. Don’t forget to check out their Little Hands Shop while you’re there.


Art is everywhere at the Museum, including out front. These are next to the parking area out front.

Past the gift shop you’ll find three floors of galleries. The first floor houses two, along with display space in the hallway. While some of these are permanent, others change seasonally, making numerous visits a year a must.

The second floor is the roomiest area, allowing a wide and inclusive selection of art. You may be surprised by some of the larger pieces you’ll find here. When we visited there was also a display of Roseville pottery from the Museum’s permanent collection on this floor.

The third floor contains an incredible collection of regional folkart. Several of these exhibits have I-Pads that provide a multimedia exploration of their contents. The Museum staff have done an incredible job of making the exhibit a truly immersive experience that everyone will find interesting.

The Hickory Museum of Art has free admission, but make certain to check in at the Gift Shop so they can keep a head count of visitors. (It helps with the funding.) You should also consider making a donation before you leave. The suggested donation is a dollar for children and three for adults, which still makes it a deal.

The Hickory Museum of Art is a regional treasure, providing a quality and engaging art experience. You can find directions to the museum, directions, and a list of current exhibitions by clicking here to visit their website.


I had to share this photo of the Museum’s facade. Look at those Corinthian columns. The Museum is located in the old Claremont High School that was built in the twenties. This is probably a good time to mention that all the baby boomers in the audience are probably going to have flashbacks as they roam the halls.

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