ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT: Red Honey’s New CD Release is Worth Listening To

By D. Lanier Shook                          September 20, 2013

We’ve all had bad things happen and then struggled to regain ground. That was what happened to the band Red Honey earlier this year. Someone stole the money they’d raised to make a new album. You can click here to read our article about a fundraiser for the band.

Everybody helped raise the money and last night Red Honey released the album, Pleasure Chest. I was at Wicked Weed Brewing as it was rolled out to their great tunes. Well, actually I was below Wicked Week Brewing in a intimate performance space filled with friends of the band anticipating the new CD. They weren’t disappointed.

Pleasure Chest highlights what Red Honey does best. It brings you eleven songs with Erika Jane’s great vocals and the bands incredible playing. I popped the CD in after I left the release party and listened to all eleven before I got home. It’s that good. Well, I do have one complaint — the tunes weren’t long enough.

Songs like How Can I Love You, So Cold, Sunny Place, and It’s True are great commentaries on life, love, and relationships. If you’re interested in something only slightly less thought provoking, then Bang! Bang! and Muhammed Ali are what you want to hear. Bang! Bang! brings out the best of the vocals and the instruments that make the band so enjoyable to listen to. The CD is even more impressive when you realize the band wrote their own music.

I’m going to suggest you click here to visit their website to hear samples of their music or see the music video for Bang!Bang! If you like what you hear, then please buy the CD and show the band the appreciation they deserve. I’m going to wish Erika and Red Honey good luck, but I really don’t think they need it.

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