ROADTRIP: The South Carolina State House Is Worth Your Time

By D. Lanier Shook                    September 17, 2013

Columbia, South Carolina is a a great place most of us have been through. Its well worth your time to follow the signs to the State House in Columbia. Its a great place to appreciate the democratic process we all enjoy.


This is where democracy takes place.

You’ll want to check out the State House grounds, too. South Carolina does a great job of creating a beautiful environment to legislate from and we get to visit it. Here’s a little of what you can expect.


Is that beautiful or what?


Another great view of the State House.


Even the youngest visitors will enjoy watching out for the acorn collection crew. This little guy was so busy he couldn’t stop for an interview.

You’ll want to enjoy the statues that are around the State House. Each one represents a significant piece of history for South Carolina and are very well done. It was amazing to stand there and think of all the history that happened right there.


This is the statue of Wade Hampton, the successor to J.E.B. Stuart as Lee’s cavalry commander and one of the most prominent South Carolinians ever.

Wade Hampton is an interesting individual for several reasons. He owned land near Cashiers where he’d hunt. His popularity during the American Civil War led General Sherman to burn Hampton’s home as the U.S. Army marched through Columbia. Hampton would go on to a successful political career after the War.


This is a statue of Strom Thurmond, another prominent South Carolina politician. (Well, that might just be an understatement.)

Perhaps the best done — and definitely the largest — monument that I saw on the House grounds was the African-American History Monument. It is a complex series of panels that make up a moving and inspirational memorial to people who helped make South Carolina the state it is. You can read about the monument’s history and each of the panels by clicking here to visit the USC page about it.


This is a overall view of the monument.


This is a closer view of the left hand panels.


Here’s a closer view of the right hand panels.


This is a marble panel depicting the route slave ships took to the Americas.


This is an impressive depiction of the layout of a slave ship.

The South Carolina State House is a great place to teach your kids history and learn it yourself.
Of course there’s more in Columbia than just the State House and you can find out all about them by clicking here to visit their Convention and Visitor’s Bureau. We visited several other places in South Carolina’s capital and you can read about one of them by clicking here to read about a 250 ton fire hydrant.  Our cartoon family in The Road That Never Ends spent quite a bit of time in Columbia and you can read about it by clicking The Road That Never Ends tab at the top of the page.


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