ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT: Peel Away Your Stress At the Orange Peel

By D. Lanier Shook                             August 21, 2013

If you haven’t  checked out the Orange Peel recently, you’re missing out on alot. First of all, you need to click here and visit their website to fully enjoy all they have to offer. You could spend hours on that site.

You’ve got to get to that site because they do sell out of tickets and this just may be one of those weeks. Tonight at 9 the Hillbillionaires will be at the PULP — below the Peel — along with Skeeter Rourk. The Hillbillionaires are a really unique group you’ll want to find out more about so click here to visit their webpage. You’ll enjoy Skeeter Rourk, too, but if you want proof then click here and check out a video of them a the One Stop Deli. The show will start at 9 and tickets are $5 at the door and you’ll have to be 21 to go.

Tomorrow the PULP will be where the Slice of Life Comedy Open Mic will be making Asheville even more funny than it usually is. This is where you can meet the comic stars of tomorrow. Tickets are $5, the doors open at 8:30, the show starts at 9, and you will have to be 21 to go.

Friday you can look forward to The Breakfast Club, an 80s tribute band. You’ll travel back in time with this group, but once again you you don’t have to take my word for it. Just click here to visit their website. They’ll be joined by Raleigh based Heart Brigade, a group you may have seen. If they sound familiar, then click here to check out their website and their widely acclaimed sound. The doors will open at 8, the show will start at 9, tickets will be $12 on Friday, but you can get them for $10 until then, and you’ve got to 18 to get in. Whew! That was a mouthful.

Saturday morning the Peel will host a family oriented yoga practice. It starts at 10 am and tickets are $5 at the door. Click here to find out more and remember to bring your own mat.

Saturday night you can enjoy the 5th Annual Rock Academy Benefit for Give to the Music. This is going to be a great event and I think a bassist from AC/DC will be in the audience. (Click here to find out for certain.) Roy “Futureman” Wooten will probably be performing on his “drumitar.” To learn why Mr. Wooten is such a big deal (he plays with Bela Fleck) and what a drumitar is, then click here to visit his webpage. You’ll want to get your tickets to this ASAP, cause they will sell out since they are really affordable. Adults pay $15 and kids under 10 will only be paying $5. The doors open at 6:30 and the show starts at 7.

The night will benefit Give to the Music, which supports local music education. You can find out more about what they do by clicking here to visit their website. This event will also feature several completely awesome raffles of absolutely radical gear. Seriously, that’s not hyperbole. I don’t play the guitar but a restored 1984 Tama Swingstar Drum kit autographed by all sorts of folks is enough to make even my heart skip a beat. Click here to find out exactly what’s being raffled.

Sunday will wrap up an busy week at the Peel with a Waltz night. From 6:30 to 9:15 you can dance the night away to the music of Owen Cauley and Lory McClimans. If you can’t waltz to save your life then lessons will take place from 5:30 to 6:15. Lessons are just $5 and the dance is $10.


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