MONDAY SPORTS: What You Need To Know About Last Week in NASCAR, Volume One, Episode Three

By D. Lanier Shook and Mike Runyon                            August 20, 2013

This is the weekly feature where we let you know about last week in NASCAR. Its designed to help you intelligently have conversations with friends and acquaintances who are big time fans. Stock car racing is a popular sport and if you’re not a fan you’ll find yourself sitting in awkward silence sometimes.

To remedy this situation we’ve brought superfan Mike Runyon on board as our NASCAR consultant to keep you informed and give you conversation starters. Just ask the fans a few questions and most will be more than willing to educate you. To learn about Mike click here to read about his YouTube success with boxbreak videos.

First we want to congratulate Joey Logano. He won in Michigan last week. It’s worth noting that he also won the pole position before the race.

Austin Dillon — who is Richard Childers’ grandson — will be driving for Tony Stewart while Tony recovers from his broken leg. There are rumors that Mr. Stewart offered Kurt Busch a job driving for him. Some fans are ticked over this since Kurt doesn’t have a sponsor yet. That’s the reason that Stewart is about to let Ryan Newman go and a lot of folks are wondering if there should be room for a sponsorless Ryan if there’s room for a sponsorless Kurt.

Finally, it looks like Juan Pablo Montoya won’t have a ride next year. Right now he drives for EGR Racing. That stands for Earnhardt Ganassi Racing, which includes the racing team owned by Teresa Earnhardt, along with one or two others that merged after Dale Earnhardt’s death.

This week also marks the launch of Fox Sports One. This is Rupert Murdoch’s effort to take some of ESPN’s market share. On many networks it replaces SPEED, which carried all kinds of racing all the time. Of course, it only carried them on some cable networks, while Fox has signed up with even more networks. But you’ll have to watch Fox if you want to see the Daytona 500. Fox and ESPN used to alternate carrying the race, but now it will be on Fox exclusively.

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