ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT: You Can Help Make A Hard Knock Life A Little Easier

By D. Lanier Shook                          August 16, 2013

Annie is an American classic, both on stage, in the newspaper, and on the big screen. If you’ve never seen it or if you’ve seen it ten times you should still consider enjoying it on September 21st in a special presentation by the South Carolina Children’s Theater. See, this time when you see Annie you’ll also be helping the First Responders who lay their lives on the line every day.

Whether you agree with what Mike Gallagher has to say, you’ll still find his efforts at Gallagher’s Army touching. He set this up to cut through red tape and get financial help to the families of fallen First Responders. On September 21st you can help this mission while you enjoy watching Annie. Whatever you think of Mr. Gallagher’s political views, please click here and check out this organization’s website. Remember, these men and women are putting it all on the line for you every day.

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One response to “ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT: You Can Help Make A Hard Knock Life A Little Easier

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