MONDAY SPORTS: What You Need To Know About Last Week in NASCAR, Volume One, Episode Two

By D. Lanier Shook with Mike Runyon                              August 10, 2013

This is our weekly feature where we help you discuss last week’s events in NASCAR.

This past week was not kind to Tony Stewart and we send him a virtual get well card. He broke his leg while racing sprint cars, not to be confused with the Sprint Cup. Sprint cars predated the Sprint Cup Series and you can learn more about this type of racing by clicking here to read the wikipedia article. Sadly, two other sprint car racers have died recently of race related injuries. Kramer Williamson died last Sunday and two months ago the sport lost Jason Lefler. WNC Travel Intelligence extends their condolences to both families and all the fans.

These incidents show the danger associated with this sport — sprint car are basically rollcages on wheels— and the dedication of these drivers. Tony Stewart flipped his sprint car several times in the past few races. These drivers are dedicated professionals who demonstrate their skill each week. It takes a special set of skills to manage a car going at those speeds.

Last week Kyle Busch won at Watkins Glen, the last road course of the year. Last week we mentioned his brother Kurt’s win at Pocono. Although Kurt has a Championship win and Kyle does not, this looks like a good year for Kyle to catch up.

This year Kyle is the sixth most winning driver in the series this year, meaning he’s got a shot at a Championship of his own. Of those 6 drivers only he and two others don’t have Championship wins under their belt. Wouldn’t it be cool for Tom Busch to be able to say “This is my son Kurt, who won a Championship,” then turn and say, “and this is my son Kyle who also won a Championship.” Good luck, Kyle and be safe.

To learn about Mike Runyon, our new NASCAR consultant, click here to read about his YouTube success with boxbreak videos.

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