FESTIVALS: Five Things You Must Know About This Year’s NC Mountain State Fair

By D. Lanier Shook                          August 2, 2013

Is there anything more fun that the Fair? you get to enjoy food, rides, and stay up late. The only way year will be more enjoyable for you and your friends is if you follow these five steps.

1. Visit the Mountain State Fair Website

The first place you should go is the official website and you can do that by clicking here. This should be your primary source of information about the Fair, its ticket prices, directions to the Ag Center, and most of what you need to know about it. As usual the staff has done an awesome job putting together a site that’s informative and easy to navigate.

2. Come Back to WNC Travel Intelligence

Last year we gave you the Intelligence on who would be singing at the Fair. Last week we told you about who was singing at Bele Chere. Now we’re going to be telling you about the performers at this year’s Mountain State Fair. You’ll want to come back and keep up to date as we review each musician and provide links to them on the web.

However, you should click here to visit the Fair’s website and check out the list for yourself. Just push your mouse over the Mountain State Fair tab, then select either the Bojangle’s Music Stage or the Heritage Music Stage from the drop-down menu. You should also Follow this blog so that the information will be delivered straight to your inbox.

3. Get Your Tickets Early

Even though it’s always a good idea to get your tickets early the Fair gives you an added incentive. Early tickets to the Fair are as much as half off. You can pick these up at the WNC Ag Center, the WNC Farmer’s Market, or at Ingle’s supermarkets. For all the ticket prices and a really great family discount package click here to visit the Fair’s website.

4. Check Out the Competitions

What would the Fair be with competitions. From pageants, to livestock shows, to craft competitions this is the place to show what you got. If you want to show the Mountain what you got then click here to find out what competitions are coming to the Fair this year. If you’re thinking there aren’t any you’d be interested in entering, you’re probably wrong. This year you’re looking at contests for everything from horseshoe pitching to llama raising to gospel singing to show box parade floats. So grab your llama (gently, please, I’ve heard they spit) and get into one of these contests.

5. It’s a Great Way to Promote Your Business or Organization

Literally tens of thousands of people will be attending or working at the Fair. Even more will be watching the news coverage. All these are potential audiences for whatever cause is dear to your heart. Last year the Fair attendance approached two hundred thousand.

The Fair makes it easy for you to get exactly what you want with five sponsorship levels, all competitively priced to make sure you get your money’s worth. People enjoy coming to the Fair and they will associate your organization with their great experience. Whatever organization you are a part of — church, club, political cause, business, or civic group— you’ll want to click here and find out more. The Fair is the place to get your message out and here’s proof.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the staff of the WNC Ag Center and the Mountain State Fair for all the hard work they do both during the Fair and all year long. Please take the time to read this list of Fair sponsors. These businesses play an essential role in bringing the Fair to you. Please consider patronizing them or at least visiting their websites.

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