ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT: Listen to Free Music (& then buy what you like, duh)

By D. Lanier Shook                      July 13, 2013

Music is something that ties us together, moves us, inspires us, and lets us express ourselves.  That’s one reason you need to click on the Bele Chere 2013 Musical Lineup tab at the top of the blog. That’s the place you can experience 47 musicians from the comfort of your computer.

The musicians on the list range from local to nationally known, from famous to not known at all, from teenagers to folks with fifty year long careers, from funk to rock and pop. Most of these folks have their music available to listen to either on their website or on Reverbnation. Wherever it is you’ll be certain to find something you’ll enjoy.

Of course, after you listen to the music you should buy what you enjoy. These people depend on you and I not only to support their work, but to inspire even more works. As an author I can attest that when someone buys a copy of my e-book it inspires me to keep writing.

So grab your headphones, click here to go straight to the Bele Chere 2013 Musical Lineup and get ready to rock out. (Or funk out or pop out or country out or … you get the idea.) I promise you will find at least one song that connect with you.
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