LIFESTYLES: See An American Icon as the Clydesdales Arrive in Bristol

By D. Lanier Shook                     July 10, 2013

Whether you drink beer or not, one thing should come to mind when you think of a Clydesdale. These majestic horses pulling their wagon are definitely an American icon. Now you can meet these horses in an exclusive photo op.

This coming Tuesday these horses will arrive in Bristol and stay there through the next weekend. They’ll make several processions through downtown Bristol on Friday and Saturday afternoons. They’ll be there to participate in the Border Bash on Friday and for  “Party in the Park with the Clydesdales” on Saturday.

Cumberland Square Park will be home to both events and you need to click here for more information about “Party in the Park With the Clydesdales.” This is the site where you can find out about getting your photo taken with the horses and the great bands that will be on hand for the festivities.  You’ll also want to click here for more information about the Border Bash party which will not only feature the Clydesdale, but bands that have shared the stage with Emmylou Harris.
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