LIFESTYLES: Learn Easy To Make Lebanese Recipes

By D. Lanier Shook                              July 8, 2013

One reason you should enjoy living in Western North Carolina is the awesome variety of restaurants you can enjoy. (If you don’t live in Western North Carolina then come by for a visit.) From Spanish to Korean to Mexican to traditional Americana there is so much for you to enjoy. (This is a good time to point out that “traditional American food” actually has its roots all around the world.)

As I wrote CODE NAME: Emerald Green I discovered the wonder of Spanish and North African cuisine. Now you can discover the joy and simplicity of Lebanese cooking. Cooking with Julie Taboulie is the place to learn to make Lebanese recipes. I was introduced to this show the other day when she making semolina sweets covered with a wonderful orange blossom syrup.

You’ll want to click here to visit Julie’s website. I’m going to encourage you to click here and check out some of the individual recipes she makes like creamy chickpea spread, okra and lamb stew, cucumber yogurt salad, and gluten free pilaf. A lot of these ingredients are locally grown and many of the others are now available in stores.

Julie’s programs can be watched several different ways. It’s available on UNC Television and you can click here to find her showtimes. (This is why God made DVRs.) She’s from Syracuse, New York and WCNY has many, many of her episodes available on the web. In fact, I just watched her making ijee, a herb omelet with parsley, mint, chives, and scallions. So click here to check out the video episodes.

Technology is your friend when it comes to cooking. Just prop up you laptop, tablet, or even your smart phone and you can follow along in your kitchen as Julie works in hers. So click here to visit her website and start enjoying wonderful, fresh Lebanese cuisine.
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