FESTIVALS: Bele Chere Music Lineup Part 4

By D. Lanier Shook                             July 6, 2013

There are 47 musical acts coming to Bele Chere and I’m going to tell you about every one of them. You can hear them all beginning on July 26. For all of the details about the music, food, and other fun click here to visit the Festival website or if you don’t plan on going click here for Eleven Reasons why you should.

This is the fourth part in the list of groups coming to Bele Chere. To read Part One click here or to read Part Two click here or to read Part Three click here.

You’ll want to click here for the performance calendar to see when and where the groups will be playing at the festival.

The Birchtree Band

The Birchtree Band are five guys who play solid country music that you’ll find yours toes tapping to. With a sound that is reminiscent of Darius Rucker this is a group you may want to check out at Bele Chere. To hear their sound click here to visit their YouTube channel or click here to visit their website.

The Get Downs

This band from Boone are old fashioned rock and rock with extra energy thrown in. Elvis would be proud of their sound and you’ll find it impossible to sit still when you hear it. To see — and hear — what I’m talking about click here to visit their Reverbnation page.

The Restoration

The Restoration is unique because their music is actually used in several college courses. No, really. Evidently their album Constance has been chosen by Francis Marion University and Spartanburg Methodist College to study along with Southern literature. Their album Honor The Father was sold with a evidence bag, crime scene photos, and an crime scene map that goes along with the songs on the CD. To find out more about this intriguingly creative group click here to visit their website or click here to visit their Soundcloud website.

The Stereofidelics

This a great sounding duo from here in Asheville that has been described as doing the work of a five person band. I’m going to describe Melissa McGinley’s vocals as stirring and emotive. She and Chris Padgett manage to operate four instruments and the sound is worth hearing. Check out their sound by clicking here to visit their page or clicking here to visit their Rebverbnation page.

The Swayback Sisters

If you’re a fan of old fashioned bluegrass picking and vocals The Swayback Sisters are the group you’ll want to check out at Bele Chere. This is a sound you’re going to be moving to and there’s a reason why. All three members have a strong portfolio of good music demonstrating their talent. To find out more about them click here to visit their website or click here to hear them on the Reverbnation page.

The Travis Smith Project

Southern churches have been the sources of many a great vocal talent and Travis Smith is one of those. He’s from Woodruff, a town just south of Spratanburg. Talent is the only way to describe someone who was writing songs by age 4. He plays several different instruments and you can hear him by clicking here to visit his homepage.

Tyler Lynch

Tyler Lynch is a local musician who has a great sound and a great attitude. He’s a young man who’s stayed close to his roots and his soul. His music has an inspirational, heartfelt sound and you can find out what I’m talking about by clicking here to visit his homepage or clicking here to visit his Facebook page where you can also see photos of his performances and interviews.

Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band

This is a band from Asheville that Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band will be at Bele Chere. There’s a reason and most of you all know I’m talking about their high energy music and engaging vocals. This is a sound that will have most of you dancing in the aisles if you can get there first. A decade of music-making has shown this group has what it takes and whatever replaces Bele Chere, I’m sure they’ll be there too. I’d be making a mistake not to suggest you click here to visit their homepage or click here to visit their Reverbnation page.

Wanda Jackson

Wow. Wanda Jackson is one of the reasons I’m sorry to see Bele Chere end. This festival brings top talent to our city and this is a prime example. Wanda Jackson has been given acclaim by Adele and the Smithsonian. The Smithsonian has a video about her on their website describing her as the “first lady of American of rock and roll.” She described Johnny Cash, Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Elvis as “buddies.” If you’re interested in hearing a woman who was mentored by Elvis you’ve got to click here to visit her website or read an NPR interview with her where she discusses Elvis Presley.


Lyric is a quartet that were born as street musician and want to stay true to their sound. Their music is upbeat, the lyrics (no pun intended) are inspirational, and best of all they’re local. Click here to visit their Reverbnation page or click here to watch videos of their performances.
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