FESTIVAL: Bele Chere Music Lineup Part 3

By D. Lanier Shook                               June 30, 2013

There are 47 musical acts coming to Bele Chere and I’m going to tell you about every one of them. You can hear them all beginning on July 26. For all of the details about the music, food, and other fun click here to visit the Festival website or if you don’t plan on going click here for Eleven Reasons why you should.

This is the fourth part in the list of groups coming to Bele Chere. To read Part One click here or to read Part Two click here. or to read Part Three click here.

You’ll want to click here for the performance calendar to see when and where the groups will be playing at the festival.

Nahko and Medicine for the People

If you take your existence seriously and believe you are here for a purpose then you will find Nahko and Medicine for the People interesting. Whether you’re a fan of their music or not, you’ll still appreciate their Mission to be a force for positive change. Even if you aren’t quite so serious you’ll probably still enjoy their music with lyrics like “I’m awake and takin’ names.” To find out more about this group that hails from Hawaii  click here to visit their homepage or click here to visit their SoundCloud page.

One Leg Up

One Leg Up is an Asheville based jazz group that aspired to play in the style of French jazz artist Django Reinhardt. Apparently they succeeded since they played at a book show held by the author of a biography about Mr. Reinhardt. They were only two years old when they were chosen to play back up for Spanish guitarist Pere Soto in his U.S. tour. They’ve been to many, many festivals and you can find out why when you click here to visit their website or click here to visit their CDbaby page.

Paul’s Creek

Any group that has garnered acclaim from Doc Watson and David Holt is impressive. But the members of  Paul’s Creek would be impressive anywhere. Carol Rifkin, Jamie Soesbee, Tom Pittman, Arvil Freeman, and Adam Tanner are joined by other equally talented musicians at festivals and venues around the area and beyond. These are some of the best mountain musicians the area has to offer but to fully grasp how good they are you should click here to view their video on YouTube or click here to check out one on Vimeo or click here to view another on Vimeo. To read their credentials and what has been said about them click here to visit their website.

Porch 40

Porch 40 is a Cullowhee based group that describes themselves as “Funk/Jazz/Rock/Energy.” They specialize in communicating that energy to their audiences. Their music features soulful lyrics set to an incredible sound. So  click here to check out their Facebook page or visit their Reverbnation page by clicking here.

Randall Bramlett Band

The Randall Bramlett Band is an Athens, Georgia based Southern rock group that mixes in deep, soulful lyrics and vocals. Mr. Bramlett actually intended to enter seminary before beginning his music career and this spirituality is reflected in his music. He’s received acclaim from Bonnie Raitt and Rolling Stone, so click here to visit his home page or click here to hear him on his Reverbnation page.

Rory Kelly

Rory Kelly is a serious Southern rocker from Marion, North Carolina with lyrics to match. (“Do what you want to me, just don’t shake my family tree.”) When you hear his heart felt vocals you won’t be surprised that he comes from a musical family. If you like your rock music up-tempo and solid, then you need to click here and visit his Reverbnation page and hear more of him or you can click here to visit his homepage.

Spicy Moustache and the Flavor Saviours

Coming to you from Asheville Spicy Moustahce and the Flavor Saviours will touch your soul with songs like King’s Dream and make you think with ones like I Will Suceed.  Their sound is a beat that will bring you to your feet. To find out for yourself click here to visit their Reverbnation site, click here to visit their Bandcamp page, or click here to keep up with them on Facebook.

Space Capone

Space Capone is a Nashville based soul band that lives up to its genre. Their music is solid soul and very danceable. (I think that’s a word.) If you like soul even just a little you should click here to visit their homepage or check out their sound by clicking here to visit their Reverbnation page.

Sons of Bill

The Sons of Bill are named for three members of the group who are actually sons of a guy named Bill. They’re from Charlottesville, Virginia and have a great, easy to listen to sound. If you like what I’m describing then click here to visit their home page (and make sure to scroll down) or click here to check out their Reverbnation page.

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