ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT: Gorgeous Glass You’ve Got To Glance At in A Great Getaway.

By D. Lanier Shook                     June 9, 2013

Last week I had the privilege of meeting the wonderful staff of the Burke County Arts Council. I’d encourage you to click here and check out their website where you can learn about the important work they do in Morganton. It’s also where you can get directions for the wonderful art I saw.

The Burke County Arts Council is currently hosting the WNC Studio Glass Exhibition. The Exhibition is in several galleries across downtown Morganton, but I only had time to visit the Arts Council itself. Fortunately the Exhibition runs through July 6 and Morganton is only an hour away from Asheville.

Their gallery space had the work of several artists and I enjoyed each one. Robert Levin had several perfume bottles on display, along with glass fruit. The perfume bottles combined vivid colors, unique shapes, and the unique borders between the colored glass and clear glass. For more of Levin’s work click here to visit his website.

Joe Nielander’s water veil vessel and bowl looked like “curtains of vapor” — at least that’s the best way I can describe them. His jellyfish bowl appeared  to be alive and floating above the table. His work Blue Wave felt like an advanced perpetual motion machine nested in a sled. Click here to visit his website.

John Almaguer’s work was an amazing creation where glass became stone with vivid turquoise and orange running in a vein along the side. His String Theory was Twenties Art Deco meeting Chinese calligraphy. Click here to visit his website.

The glass spheres in Judson Guerard’s Chaos Series seemed like liquid in place. The colors were fluid and in motion. Click here to check out his website.

This is not only an amazing collection, but it’s also an amazing venue. I’d like to see it again and fortunately I can since it will be there for about a month. Click here to visit the Burke County Art Council’s web site to get directions and hours. Remember, this is only part of the wonderful exhibition and that site is the place to find out about the rest.

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