LIFESTYLE TUESDAY: This Is Your Chance To Visit A Caribbean Paradise

D. Lanier Shook                 May 5, 2013

What do you think of when you hear the word “paradise?” Warm weather, beautiful hotels, and great beaches probably come to mind. Well, the island of Cuba is all that and more.

Sadly, for decades Cuba and its inhabitants have been held hostage to a Cold War mentality. Both Washington and Havana still see relations through the filter of 1948, when the Soviet Union feared they’d be invaded by the fascist west and the Western Alliance feared Communist aggression. Perhaps the U.S. government should ease travel restrictions, but the Cuban government needs to ease the restrictions on their citizens even more.

Politics aside, Cuba is a Caribbean paradise Americans enjoyed before the Cold War froze us out. The island has beautiful geography, incredible biodiversity, and a rich culture many of us are at least somewhat familiar with. Once it’s opened to the free market we’re going to hear alot more about this island.

If you like what you’ve heard you need to click here and find out about WCQS’ trip to Cuba next spring. Asheville’s public radio station will be hosting. Response to the other trip they planned was so good they decided to make two trips. So check it out before these seats are all taken.

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