LIFESTYLES: Locally Made Mountain Biking Videos

By D. Lanier Shook                    May 28, 2013

It’s spring and this is the perfect time of year to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors. Unfortunately as much as you and I would enjoy running through fields of flowers we have responsibilities — like blogs and manuscripts — that keep us inside beside the only wall outlet in the coffee shop. Fortunately I have found the perfect way for you to enjoy the great outdoors while you wait for your computer to charge.

My friend Bryan Cook was introduced to the joy of mountain biking three years by two friends and he hasn’t looked back since. Ever since then he’s talked about the benefits to his health — physical and psychological — but about a month ago I was able to experience it second hand when he started taking along a helmet mounted camera. Now I’m pleased that you can come along for the ride.

About two weeks ago Bryan launched his own YouTube channel and I’ve been enjoying more of his rides. He has nearly twenty videos up and you can enjoy them by clicking here. The mountain biking is enjoyable, as is the beautiful mountain scenery.

Sunday night I had a chance to ask Bryan what he enjoyed most about mountain biking. “The freedom…” was his reply. “The ability to push myself…” His favorite moments in mountain biking are when he hits a new big obstacle. One of his favorite moments was visiting the home of a Cleland, a mountain biking veteran with an awesome course in his backyard.

One of Bryan’s worst moments was a wreck you can watch by clicking here. It was at a great area known as Stair Creek near Barnardsville. It’s interesting to remember this is the same area The Hunger Games was filmed in. The wreck isn’t fun to watch but I can report that Bryan was still in one piece when I spoke to him post-wreck.

With so many devoted bicyclists in our area I figured some of you will be interested in mountain biking so I asked Bryan was he looks for in a trail. He prefers a steep, downhill, fast single trail.

I also asked for his advice to beginners. “Bent Creek is a good place to start … because the skill level ranges from beginner to expert.” And with that he was off down another trail, recording another great video for us to enjoy.

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