ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT: Walter Arnold at the Museum of Contemporary Art

It’s been just over a year since I met Walter Arnold at the screening of a Ron Howard film based on one of Walter’s photographs. (You can read all about it by clicking here.) Since then Walter’s been really busy. Eva Longoria decided to direct and star in a film inspired by one of his photos. (You can read all about that by clicking here.)

Now the Museum of Contemporary Art in Hot Springs, Arkansas has chosen to put some of his work on display. (Click here to check out what they really, really liked.) Yesterday he was in Hot Springs giving an artist’s talk about what he does. And what he does is really, really cool.

Walter is inspired by abandoned spaces. Those are the buildings and artifacts that modern society has moved past. Old cars, hotels, and mills are what he searches for. When he finds one that moves him, Walter will document it.

Of course, he doesn’t stop there. Getting the image is only the first step in a long process that culminates in a gorgeous print that’s literally fused into metal. You can learn more about his incredible work by clicking here to visit his website.

The great news is that Walter’s going to be spending time in our area this month. Beginning this Friday he’ll be at the Charlotte Fine Art Show (click here to visit their website), in about two weeks he’ll be down in Saluda (click here to check out the Saluda Arts Festival), and the next week he’ll be at the Decatur Arts Festival. (Click here to visit their website.) Keep up the good work, Walter!



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