LIFESTYLES: Four Reasons I Enjoyed My First Baseball Game

Welcome to McCormick Field.

Welcome to McCormick Field.


Last Tuesday a friend suggested we spend the evening at the Asheville Tourists’ baseball game. Since I didn’t have anything pressing and had never been to one I agreed. It was a great night with the Tourists playing the Lexington, Kentucky Legends. Over the past week or so I’ve thought about the game and here’s Five Reasons you should go to a Tourists game,too.

1. It’s an Affordable Experience

We sat on metal bleachers with a metal bar at our back. The seats cost us $8. To get a seat that was a plastic chair with a cup holder in front of us would have been $11. That’s not a bad price. Oh, and the souvenir shop seemed pretty affordable, too.

2. It’s a Social Experience

A baseball game  is an an amazing experience. It’s not just the game— it’s the atmosphere. (I mean that in a good way.) It moves fast enough to be engaging, but is slow enough to allow a relaxing conversation.

3. It’s an Entertaining Experience

One thing that amazed me was the effort the Tourists have put into turning the game into a full entertainment experience.   The PA system was never silent, constantly playing upbeat music or entertaining comments by the announcer. (Who did a great job.) Each batter had his own theme song and a video clip on the big screen below the scoreboard.

At the end of every inning there was always something to draw the audience’s interesting and make the game fun. The mascot showed off his dance moves during one intermission. During another one one of the audience members tried to guess the speed of the next three pitches. If he’d got it right everybody would’ve received a free doughnut.

Another part of this are the different promotions the Tourists offer. On the night we went, my friend and I got both our tickets for the price of one since she had a BI-LO Bonus Card. Other promotions include dollar hot dogs, fireworks, bobblehead giveaways, replica jersey giveaways, and more. Click here to check out all their 2013 Promotions.

4. It’s a Culinary Experience

The variety of culinary offerings outside the stadium was particularly impressive. Audiences watching the games are now treated to far more than hot dogs and a drink. There are about ten vendor booths in the area outside the stadium and some seats even have delivery.

Now that you’ve heard why to go to a Tourists’ game, here’s how. Click here to visit the team’s home page. That’s where you can find out everything you need to know and even buy tickets.



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