Peel Away Your Stress At the Peel

This weekend the Orange Peel is offering an interesting variety of entertainment options. Which is one reason I’m a big fan of the Peel. They know just what to offer. That is why you need to click here and check out what they have coming up.

Tonight you can get to see Tri-State Championship Wrestling. You’ll also be able to enjoy the music of Zombie Queen and Southbound Turnaround. Zombie Queen is a local quartet that you can find out more about by clicking here. (They look like alot of fun.) Southbound Turnaround is a six member group will be bringing a rockabillly/country sound you can hear more of by clicking here. Doors open at 7, the show starts at 8 and tickets are $10.

Tomorrow night the Peel will welcome Yo La Tengo for a evening of music from this internationally acclaimed trio. They’ve been around for over three decades and you can hear more of them by clicking here. You’ll want to hear them on Saturday because these folks get around. Tonight they’re in Baltimore and beginning in July they’ll be literally going aroudn the world. Doors open at 8, the show starts at 9, and tickets are $18 today, but $20 tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, don’t wait until then to click here and visit the Orange Peel’s website. It’s not just about who’s playing and who’s coming soon. They’ve got a blog, podcasts, merchandise, and they put up podcasts of the bands playing there. You could spend hours at this site, so check it out.



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