by D. Lanier Shook April 24, 2013

We are all so busy these days and it’s so easy just to just grab a bite from the local deli or diner. Even though this isn’t a bad way to get good food, but it can add up and not every resturant is  as focused on good nutrition as they should be. Mary from our LIfestyle Desk came up with this great recipe that’s convienient, not too pricey, and nutritious.



  1. Half a pound of shredded carrots
  2. Two frozen veggie burger patties
  3. One fourth cup Olive Oil
  4. Two sticks of colby jack cheese
  5. OPTIONAL: Hamburger buns


1. Add olive oil to skillet and turn eye to high.

2. As it warms add carrots.

3. As soon as it’s warm enough turn to the lowest heat.

4. Place 2 frozen veggie patties on top of it and replace the lid. The carrots will absorb the flavor of the veggie patties.

5. Leave on low heat for about ten minutes while you set the table, put out buns, and whatever drinks you choose.

6. Place carrots on the plate and put hot veggie burger patties on top.

7. Place cheese sticks on top — they melt almost immediately.


Place the patties on a bun with carrots as a side dish.


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