by D. Lanier Shook          April 24, 2013

It’s that time of year again when the Lake Eden Arts Festival returns to Black Mountain. In two weeks you’ll get to hear great music, see great crafts, hear great poetry, eat great food, and learn more about healing arts. But that’s only the beginning.

Of course LEAF isn’t just about the Festivals they have in the spring and fall. LEAF goes into the schools, reaching over 35,000 young people and teaching them about constructive things to do in their spare time. Click here to read what some of those kids have to say about LEAF’s outreach.

LEAF reaches out around the globe. Their programs touch student in eight different countries around the world. Click here to learn about it and how you can get a copy of their Go Global CD.

So click here to visit LEAF’s website. Or you can click here to visit their YouTube page. Or you can click here to view their photo page. Whatever you do, find out about this weekend of enrichment that will be going on in our backyard.

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