LIFESTYLE TUESDAY: Kala Gallery in Morganton, NC

Downtown Morganton, NC is a truly beautiful place. The town’s residents are proud of their community and it shows in several different ways. This emphasis on their downtown has attracted an incredible variety of artisians, coffee shops, restuarants, and galleries to the city. One of them you should know about is the Kala Gallery on the corner of West Union and Sterling Street.IMG_5717

Kala (you say it ka-lay) is a surprisingly large gallery with an equally surprisingly eclectic collection. My first thoughts were to compare it to Asheville’s New Morning Gallery, but I quickly realized this was a different gallery entirely. New Morning is a great gallery, but Kala is as much of an experience as a gallery.

Kala’s interior design is part of what makes the gallery so surprising. When you walk through the front door, you are in a world where art isn’t just displayed, you are in a world that is art. In the photo above I’d like to point out the lighting, the window, and the beams across the ceiling. The entire gallery is like this, a immersion of imagination and creativity.

Of course, it’s not just the art and the interior that are an experience. You’ve got to click here and visit the News and Events section of the Kala home page. The gallery’s owners, Terry and Fran­sien Brown, seek to invite members of — and visitors to —  the community into the gallery through events they host. This has resulted in Kala being honored nationally by NICHE magazine as it’s New Retailer of the Year.

So, if you’re heading along Interstate 40 through Western North Carolina, make time to stop in Morganton. Head downtown and stop on the corner of West Union and Sterling. Even if you can only step inside Kala for a few minutes you’ll find it well worth your time. (There’s also a great coffee shop on the other end of the block.)

If you aren’t headed that way, or just can’t wait to visit the gallery, click here to visit their website or click here to visit their Facebook page. Not only can you keep up with their News and Events, you can also browse the artists they host and the works they display. It’s not as good as visiting the gallery, but you won’t regret it.

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