ROAD TRIP MONDAY: Burke County Courthouse

Morganton, North Carolina is an amazing city, but it’s crowning jewel is it’s historic courthouse.


This is Morganton’s historic courthouse and it’s lovely grounds.

Architecture is an amazing subject. Each building speaks volumes about when it was built, who built it, and what they valued. This courthouse was built in 1835. That was a long time ago.


I really like the simple architecture here.

To me the size of the courthouse and it’s decoration speaks volumes. It’s a simple building compared to what would come later. Yet it has an elegance to it. I particularly noticed how the porch has no steps coming down to street level.


That’s a bronze statue of Senator Sam Ervin, who came from Morganton.

Here are a few other buildings built in 1835, just for comparison.

Old Todd County Courthouse in Kentucky

Bank of Xenia

Market House, Oswego, NY

London’s St. James Theater


A side view of the historic courthouse.

For more information about the courthouse click here to read an essay about the historic marker in front of it.

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