ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT THURSDAY: Turbo Pro Project at the One Stop

Tuesday night I had the chance to meet one of our area’s talent.I ventured out into the wind and chill down to the One Stop Kitchen and Bar on College Street. You’ve probably driven by this venue right across from TOPS for Shoes. The place is surprisingly spacious and is a great place to listen to a group.

This group was Turbo Pro Project with DJ Deacon, Ryan RnB Barber, and Turbo on the banjo. (The other member of the group was snowed in across the mountain in Tennessee.) I didn’t there till around 9 but enjoyed every minute of the the show.

I got to hear them do about seven numbers, including several great instrumental mixes. During one of them a couple actually took to the dance floor and did an impressive number of their own. Turbo Project’s music is definitely dance worthy and I’m kicking myself for not picking up a CD.

The mix of keyboard, mix board, and banjo creates an eclectic sound. The mix board provides a surprising background while the electric banjo adds a high pitched player to the mellow tones. If you haven’t heard the group you definitely are missing out on a great sound.

Ryan RnB Barber did a great job on the keyboard and on the microphone. He performed three numbers while I was there— Freedom, Find My Way, and one I believe was called You Can Keep The Fame. The songs were inspirational, enjoyable, and had a great sound.

The Turbo Project itself had a great stage presence. The One Stop is a wonderfully intimate performance space but I think the group would be good to see anywhere. Like I said, I’m kicking myself for not picking up a CD. Click here to visit their web site and find out where they’re playing next.

Even though this was my first visit, The One Spot seems like a neat place to grab a bite. They’re located at 55 College Street and, as I said before, are surprisingly spacious. This space is usually filled with talented acts and you can click here to find out who’s coming next. They are two arcade machines inside, a bookshelf, and they even host an art exhibition. When I was there they featured local art by Corral Art. Click here to check out Mr. Corral’s Art.

It was a night I really enjoyed.  Even though it was cold outside the Music Hall was warm, the company was friendly, and the Diet Coke was … fizzy. What more could I ask for?

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