ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT THURSDAY: Why You Should Consider Watching The Walking Dead

Well, correspondent Mike has been raving about AMC’s The Walking Dead for a few months now. What he finds really curious is the fact that he doesn’t like science fiction. Which made me wonder how many other folks out there would enjoy the show but don’t watch it because it’s technically science fiction.

So I asked Mike, “Why do you like the show?” He enjoys it because the show is not really about the zombies. It’s about society reforming during and after a apocalypse. It’s about making rules where there are none. It’s a drama about people in a stressful situation.

Okay, so I had to ask, “What don’t you like about the show?” He isn’t a big fan of the blood and guts. It is about zombies, after all, and they get killed in every episode. Something to keep in mind.

Click here to visit the official Walking Dead page. You should also check with your local Cinebarre since I’ve heard they show it on the big screen each Sunday night. Click here to visit Cinebarre’s home page.


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