Peel Away Your Stress At The Peel

It’s Thursday and time to focus on Arts and Entertainment. And the premier arts and entertainment forum in the area is the Orange Peel. You have got to visit their website by clicking here for reasons that are about to become very, very clear.

It is very satisfying and very disappointing to see that the shows on Friday and tonight are both sold out. It’s satisfying because I hope some of you went there early and got your tickets. It’s disappointing because I’m sure that some of you didn’t  and won’t get to be part of the fun.

Those of you who don’t have tickets won’t get to see Matisyahu  and Levi Robin tonight. Tomorrow night you won’t be able to see Tame Impala and The Growl. I’m really sorry.

However, you can still catch MiMOSA  and Grandtheft on Saturday. Click here to visit MiMOSA’s impressive website where you can find out where else they’ll be, hear their music, and watch their music videos. Click here to listen to Grandtheft and see what you can look forward to.

This Sunday the Pulp, a club under The Orange Peel, will be featuring the Slice of Life Comedy Open Mic which gives you the chance to prove to the rest of us why you should have your own late night show on a major television network. Click here to learn more about the event.

Once again I have to emphasize the need for you to click here and visit the Orange Peel’s website. That’s where you can see what’s coming up and buy tickets for it. That’s where you can hear their podcast and listen to musicians they’ll be having there. And that is where you can read their blog or check out their archives. You could literally spend hours on this site so bookmark for the next time you’re in line at some government agency, supermarket, or something else that seems like it will take forever.


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