Peel Away Stress At the Orange Peel

Some of you may wonder why I’m posting the Orange Peel updates on Thursday instead of Friday. The Orange Peel is one popular place, in large part because of the quality acts they book. So these shows can sell out. Not to mention that if you buy tickets early you get a better price. But, for an even better shot at seeing your favorite groups click here to visit their site and see what’s coming next week, and the next, and the next.

Tonight the Orange Peel will feature Who’s Bad, which titles itself “The Ultimate Michael Jackson Tribute Band. Well, I guess tonight’s your opportunity to find out. For more information about the band click here to visit their website, which is very, very, very impressive. (Trust me, it’s a top notch site. In fact the site alone might convince me to go if I didn’t already have plans.) They’ll be joined by Three Legged Fox, whose web site is also impressive. Both bands have music, schedules, and even more there, so it’s worth a look. The show starts at 9 , but doors open at 8, and tickets are only $15.

Friday the Peel will feature The Dark Star Orchestra, but you can’t get in since they’re sold out. This is a band that plays both original music and tunes from the Grateful Dead. If you’re intrigued click here to visit their website. Once again, you have to order tickets ahead of time if you want a seat.

Saturday is another reason why you need to get your tickets early. Imagine Dragons will be there on their Night Visions Tour, but its already sold out. This is another band with a visually stunning website you can visit by clicking here. That’s where you can listen to their music, watch their videos, and learn more about them. (They’ve got a fan created video on there and their music video ‘Radioactive’ reminds of Pokemon, its a must see.) They’ll be joined by Atlas Genius, a group from Australia, and Nico Vega. This is yet another example you should click here to visit the Orange Peel’s website and check out what’s coming up.

Sunday you get another treat. For $5 you can get to tell that joke that you really want to. They’re having the Slice of Life Comedy Open Mic Night. If I didn’t have a previous engagement I would. I’ve got this great joke about squirrels and spray paint…

You’ve got to visit the Orange Peel’s website not only to see what’s coming up, but also to see what else they have to offer. There are podcasts, a blog, and photo archives.


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