On The Tenth Day of Christmas: I’m Making My Own Traditions

Many years ago I read a story in a book I don’t remember the name of. According to the tale, a noble found a soldier in a garden, standing guard over nothing. The noble asked around and discovered that years before the queen had planted a bush there. She ordered a guard posted to keep it from being trampled. The bush was long gone, but the order—and the guard— remained standing.
Too many of our traditions are like those orders. They either serve no real purpose or they actually cause us harm. We follow them just because folks before us did.
This brings to mind the story of the man who asked his wife why she cut the end off the roast. She said her mother did it. He made a few calls and finally discovered that years and years before her great, great grandmother had a pan the roast wouldn’t fit in so she cut off the end. (Nope, I don’t have a source for that anecdote, either.)
How many traditions do we follow just because someone else did? We need to evaluate our lives. Perhaps some traditions need to be replaced with new ones.
Epiphany is a tradition I have chosen to add to my life. It permits me to have a much more relaxed holiday season. It lets me focus on what I value. It is a tradition I am creating.


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