2012 NC Mountain State Fair Performer Closeup:Leigh Glass and the Hazards

The 2012 NC Mountain State Fair will be going on for ten days. That’s ten days and I’m just covering the musicians that will be there. So you’ve got to click here to visit the Fair’s homepage and see what else will be going on at the Ag Center.

Two weeks ago Leigh Glass and the Hazards were all the way out in Sand Diego on concert. Back in June she was covering the opening and after parties for Sheryl Crow. They are some busy folks.

Click here to visit her website.  They has a blog there that will tell you where they’ve been and where they’re going. (There’s also a calendar that does much the same thing, only visually.) You can check out videos of them in concert and she has an interesting link at the bottom of the page that asks “Are You Sad?” (I’m not going to tell you what it does, only that it brings up an… interesting video.)


September 14 Friday 5 p.m. BOJANGLE’S MUSIC STAGE


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