Five Reasons to Visit The Treasure that is The Health Adventure

Between Farmer’s Market and the Blue Ridge Parkway is one of our area’s most amazing shopping venues. Its convenient, spacious and looks great. Of course I’m talking about the Biltmore Square Mall right off I-26. A few weeks ago I got a chance to visit one of their new treasures, The Health Adventure. Over the weekend I came up with five reasons you just have to check this place out.

1. Traffic and Parking

The Health Adventure was on Pack Square but moved to Biltmore Square Mall within the past year. After visiting their new location I’m going to say its an improvement because of traffic and parking.

The Biltmore Square Mall is right off I-26. Its got over four entrances from Brevard Road (NC 191). There are at least six huge parking lots that you don’t have to pay to use. Downtown is a wonderful place and I enjoy going there. But it can be a pain in the neck to get in and out of. This location is perfect for the Health Adventure.

2. Toddlers will have a ball (no pun intended)

Imagine for a moment that you could outfit your home with any toy a child would want. That’s the Health Adventure. They have:

  • three toy kitchens
  •  three work benches
  • four tables with blocks
  • a batting cage
  • a rowboat
  • a dress up corner
  • a playground
  • at least two houses kids can go in
  • several stations with hand sanitizer

And the great thing is when your little one is done you can just go home. The staff at the Health Adventure will put it all away and have it ready for the next time you bring your little one over.

3. Physics

This was the part that I really liked. They’ve got over twenty exhibits about gravity, pneumatics, optics, hydraulics and several other sciences. Your kids get to do actual experiments with gravity and centrifuges and lasers and all sorts of other neat stuff. Although kids may enjoy the human centrifuge or the race car display my favorite is next to the entrance.

The Health Adventure has an honest-to-goodness Archimedes Screw. Not only is one of the niftiest inventions around its also one of the oldest. Today its used for everything from unloading fertilizer to keeping slushies circulating in the slushie machine at Ingles. I personally believe it was used to water the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, but that’s a whole other story. Let’s just say I thought the Archimedes Screw was really, really cool.

This is a good place to mention their traveling exhibits. While I was there the Health Adventurefeatured Science on a Sphere. This was a really good display will they will be taking down in June. The display I saw talked all about tsunamis and how to avoid being killed by one. It was top notch technology delivering top notch information.

4. Health and Wellness

Its no surprise that The Health Adventure emphasizes health and wellness. But until you see thier unique and inviting displays you won’t fully grasp just how helpful they are in keeping your little ones healthy. They’ve created memorable displays that will stick in the heads of parent and child alike. Here are just a few of the ones I was most impressed by:

  • neural pathways in the brain
  • the five senses
  • giant model of the heart
  • calisthenics workout station
  • anatomical display—- bones, blood vessels and organs

5. The Biltmore Square Mall

I’ve talked about the Biltmore Square Mall before, but ‘d like to emphasize what it has to offer. The Mall has:

  • two arcades
  • a movie theater with great prices and good food
  • several stores with low prices as their primary draw
  • several niche retail outlets (craft, sports, etc)
  • a beautiful food court
  • plenty of parking
  • beautiful architecture and sculpture

Well, those are my five reasons and I think there are actually more than five. Of course I couldn’t end this article without mentioning two other services The Health Adventure offers the community. The first are the camps and special events they offer the community. For more information about these click here to visit their website. Their Science Summer Camp still has places open, so hurry up if you want your child to participate. Click here for The Health Adventure’s registration information.

Science education can play such an important role in a child’s development. Einstein was an average student until a magnetic toy peaked his interest. He decided to learn all about it and didn’t stop until he’d figured out Relativity. Whether its The Health Adventure or the local library, educating your child about health and science isn’t just good for them— its good for all of us.

Of course your child probably has already benefited from the Health Adventure without even knowing it. The day I was there the staff were in a meeting to discuss new education standards for the coming school year. They will be working with local schools to help apply the standards to your child’s curriculum.

Here’s a big thank you to the wonderful staff at The Health Adventure.


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