Cruze into Cruizer’s for a Great Time

Last week I stopped at my latest discovery and got a great cup of coffee. I’m talking about Cruizer’s Diner out in Candler, North Carolina. Its between the Vulcan quarry and the junction of 151 and Highway 23. For all the details click here to visit their very well done website.

There are several reasons you should should stop by Cruizer’s at least once.

First, the atmosphere is great. The owners have done a great job of setting the perfect Americana atmosphere. The staff is very friendly and make you feel welcome.

Second, the menu is impressive. So far I’ve only tried the hot dogs and coffee, but their menu is huge.  Click here to see all seventy one of the items on it. My hot dog was fixed right after I ordered it so I got it fresh and hot.

Third, the location is convenient. For better or worse Highway 23 is not as busy as it was at one time so you shouldn’t have trouble getting in the parking lot.

Fourth, its not a chain. (Nothing against chain restaurants.) The staff appreciates your business and strives to help you leave happy. Did I mention they have a really big menu with all sorts of good stuff on it?

But like LeVar Burton says, you don’t have to take my word for it. Click here to visit Cruizer’s Facebook page. Or just punch 1320 Smoky Park Highway Candler, NC 28715 into your GPS and get goin’.

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