Give me a dollar, I’ll give you a hundred

Here’s a hundred dollars, on the desk in front of you. If you don’t have kids, the number goes down. Even if you don’t go to the library you can still save some. Here’s how.

I literally love the library. Its full of knowledge and I get to take some of that home with me. Of course then I have to bring it back in two weeks or so. That’s where the trouble begins. Because after two weeks this is what my books tend to look like:

This is what it seems like when its time to return my library books. (Those are socks draped across the DVD case, like socks in the dryer...)

Getting books out of the library is no problem. Getting them back to the library is more of a hassle. And its not just library books. DVDs and games from Redbox, Netflix or Blockbuster are the same, even worse. Let me explain.

I have Blockbuster Online. Movies I like are added to my queue and eventually arrive in the mail. I watch them, then lay them to the side to mail back to Blockbuster. But then I can’t find them. A week later, I do and mail it back. But by them I’ve missed the chance to get another DVD so in essence I’m billing myself. If you subscribe to Netflix you have the same issue and if you use Redbox you could end up owning the DVD. Which means you always need to choose your selections with care. (I’m joking!)

Here’s the solution. I bought a dollar laundry bag, one of those net ones with the drawstring. When I bring my things out of the library they go straight into the bag. While the laundry bag is usually not strong enough to pick up with everything in it, its a great way to keep track of everything.

Books on the run back to the library.

If you add up your library fees, late fees and the cost of the DVDs you inadvertently bought from Redbox I’m guessing it will come to at least a hundred dollars over the course of a year. They’ll also be less likely to get damaged, meaning you don’t have to pay to replace them.


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