11 Reasons to Use Twitter

1 TRAFFIC          I guess the best reason I can think of to use Twitter are the automatic traffic updates.  A friend of mine mentioned the NASCAR traffic snarl in Kentucky last year. He said many of those able to reach the racetrack followed routes tweeted by other drivers.

2 WEATHER      The weather resources on Twitter are amazing. Not only do television stations and meteorologists have Twitter accounts, but everyone likes to talk about the weather. There have been times when I could literally “see” the storm coming on Twitter.

3 NEWS                Every news station, networks and personality worth their salt is on Twitter. All you have to do is follow them and at the least you’ll be able to follow links directly to news stories.

4 CELEBRITIES  All the celebrities are on Twitter. Its a great way to get to know them better. I’m not saying you’ll become their ‘friend’ but you will be closer to them than you would otherwise.

5 EVENTS            Perhaps the greatest advantage of Twitter is its use as a “filter.” We live in a world filled with information and Twitter allows you to sort through that. Just follow the right Tweeters and they’ll tell you what you need to know. In this case find your local Chamber of Commerce or Entertainment editors (or friendly neighborhood travel blog) and they will tell you exactly what you’re looking for.

6 SAVINGS         Twitter can save you money. There are lots of Tweeters who make it their mission to tell you about free deals and coupons. Businesses advertise their deals through Twitter.

7 FRIENDS         Twitter is a great way to connect with friends. Its basically you sending texts to everyone on your follower list. And now you can add photos.

8 GOVERNMENT  There are Twitterites who enjoy giving play by play accounts of government meetings. One great example of this here in Ashevile is David Forbes(on Twitter @DavidForbes).  Its a great way to keep up with whats going on in your community. Most municipalities also send out tweets about water outages, school closings and other events you’d have to wait to hear on the evening news.

9 PARENTING       Twitter is an essential resource for busy parents. Look at what you’ve seen so far. Traffic, weather, coupons, school closings. Twitter is a must for parents in this busy world.

10 CAREER         Twitter can help your career. Get a Twitter account, follow people in your field. Use it to connect with them. If you run a business then by all means get a Twitter account.

11 SPORTS         Last but not least Twitter is incredible for sports fans. My friend told me that now you can get more racing news during the race on Twitter than on television. All the sports stars are on Twitter.  Caitlyn Byrd, (on Twitter @MaryCaitlinByrd) tweeted so much from the UNCA game last week she hit her limits for tweets in one hour.

12 HEALTH      Doctors, dieticians and health reporters all have Twitter accounts. They either tweet health information, tweet links to their articles, or both. Leah McGrath(on Twitter @LeahMcGrathRD) and Caitlyn Byrd(on Twitter both @MaryCaitlinByrd and @mxwellness) are two of these tweeters.


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