FREE AMUSEMENT PARK(Well, okay, it isn’t an amusement park but kids will be thrilled)

One of the great things about children is how they can take so much pleasure in the mundane. What is it about a pamphlet rack in a rest area that kids enjoy so much. To them each brochure is a little piece of the place being advertised. To me those brochures are quickly becoming things to gather dust and cover important papers. But kids get such a kick out of things that don’t cost alot.

Last week I found something that kids will absolutely flip out over. I popped across the mountain to Unicoi, Tennessee with the intent to see the library. I took Exit 40, the Jackson-Love Highway, and headed for town. The signs to the Veteran’s Memorial and the Gentry Stadium suggested a possible blog article so I headed that way.

The photos below show I hit paydirt. The Unicoi County Veteran’s Memorial is located in front of Gentry Stadium at the corner of South Elm Avenue and Academy Street.

That is an M-60A3 tank.

This is the Unicoi County Veterans’ Memorial where it’s located. The site is very elegant and moving.

The tribute to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

There is a covered picnic table about twenty feet from the tank where you can have dinner. This is a great, inexpensive way to thrill your kids and teach them the value of those who have given them freedom. Of course, please be courteous to the surrounding neighborhood by being quiet, not littering and observing the park rules. Please be courteous to the memory of those who served. Remember those who gave time, effort and funds to set up the memorial by observing park rules and staying off of the tank.

The reason I’m posting this is I know what little ones—especially little boys— are like. They adore anything this big that drives and makes big noises. At that age I would’ve just been thrilled to be within sight of one of these. (Ironically, my brother and I saw three M-60s in a lot next to the railroad in Erwin over twenty years ago. It was a glimpse that lasted only a few seconds but to me it was as special as a visit to a museum.) Sadly, if I start hearing that my readers are abusing the good graces of these sites, I may have to change my policy on the sites that are posted here.

Finally, I must post a link to WEMB‘s web site. This is the only spot on the web I could find mention of the tank at the Memorial Park so I must pay tribute to them. Click here to learn about the tank and how it arrived in Erwin.

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