Soon it’ll be summer and lots of you will be enjoying our local roads on motorcycles. Motorcycles are great unless there’s an accident. To help keep you safe the Hendersonville Police Department and Henderson County Sheriff’s Department are holding a free Bike Safe class on March 10 and March 16. They’ll be held in Hendersonville and you can click here for more  information. Here at WNC Travel Intelligence we want to make sure you get there and back safely. (That way you can travel even more.)



  1. The Hendersonville Police Department is offering a motorcycle safety course. This course is designed for people who are looking to improve their motorcycling skills. Activities include observed rides led by Motor Officers and presentations that will address motorcycle control, techniques, and common causes of crashes. Whether you ride a scooter, cruiser, or a sport bike you will receive useful information to improve your riding skills.

    The City of Hendersonville Police Department is committed to your safety and if this is something you would like to attend to improve your riding skills.
    Those who are interested or want more information about this course please visit the following website:

    Please follow the registration instructions on the website.

    This class is free to participants. Please check the website to see the requirements for the course.

    The next class offered by the Hendersonville Police Department is:
    Date: Friday March 16, 2012 Start Time: 8:45 AM sharp
    Registration Deadline: Tuesday March 13, 2012
    Address: 145 5th Ave. E., Hendersonville, NC 28792
    Further Questions contact Lt. Mike Vesely

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